Marriage Counseling

Marriage is something that takes hard work. While it has the potential to be the most rewarding relationship you have, it can also be equally painful when the connection and love seems to falter. All good things in life require intentional effort, and a healthy marriage is no exception. If you feel like your relationship is off to a rocky start, has lost its passion, or that you and your spouse are stuck in a cycle of negativity, marriage counseling is worth considering. Engaging in couples counseling with your spouse gives both of you an opportunity to express yourselves and be heard. You can learn practical ways of improving your relationship while deepening your connection. 

My passion to see couples succeed in their relationship drew me to the Gottman Method and EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy). I have training in both methods and utilize it to help couples who are either embarking on their journey, or couples who have been together and need help refocusing their relationship. I offer both premarital and marriage counseling. We address issues surrounding communication, intimacy, parenting, in-laws, and finances, to name a few.